Have Music Games Had Their Moment, Or Is There Still Fun To Be Had Yet?

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Think back a decade or two ago, and music-related games were absolutely everywhere. Whether you fancied yourself as a musician or a dancer, there was a game helping to get you involved from the comfort of your home waiting right there for you.

The Music Games Which Kicked Things Off

Music has played an integral role in games since the 80s. Rolling Stone has tracked the history of the games in this genre, and it’s fun to see how much things have developed in just a little over 30 years. In 1984, a game called Break Dance broke onto the scene. It was pretty primitive – you used joysticks to control movements on screen. But, by 1999, everyone was going crazy for Dance Dance Revolution. The dance mat could be bought to perfect dance moves either at home or played in the arcade.

What about those who’d rather play than dance? By 2005, this was more than possible. We all know it – Guitar Hero took the world by storm. Anyone who was anyone could play along with their favorite tracks, and it likely inspired more than a few rock stars. In 2007, it was all about Rock Band – the first game to combine all aspects of being in a band. No matter what you’d always dreamed of playing, here it was – game-ified.

But that’s not all – there was also DJ Hero, a Michael Jackson inspired game, and everything in between.

What’s Going On Today?

There may not have been any huge names in the game (literally) for a little while, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not there. These days, as we know, everything is all about the phone. There are plenty of rhythm games using smartphones out there, mimicking the fun of dance mats but on a screen. You can also download apps to sing karaoke with people all around the world.

Of course, there are so many different games that you don’t just have to dream of being a rock star, you can play games inspired by your favorite rock stars instead. In many instances, the soundtrack can make or break a game. An entire generation, for example, was influenced by the Tony Hawk skate games’ kick-ass punk soundtracks.

In 2018, lots of bands are influencing games. Guns n’ Roses – arguably one of the biggest names in rock – have their own slot which can be found on Rizk (source here). Made by NetEnt, it allows fans both old and new to choose from five of their awesome tracks to play along to.

Will Music Games Stay Popular?

Absolutely. While it might seem that other games are having their moment right now, that’s simply because we are living in such a technological age. As we’ve seen, music games have just gone from strength to strength over the last few decades, and that’s not likely to change.

There are exciting times ahead. What exactly are they? We’re not sure. If we were, we’d probably be the ones coming out with the next big thing!

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