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First of all let’s figure out what a file with the .tgz extension is. Actually, it is a file of a TAR Archive which has been compressed with Gnu Zip (gzip) program ordinarily belonging to the Unix and Linux OS. TAR Archives put together a number of files into one bigger file to lessen difficulties of distribution and backup. After a TAR file has been created, it is processed with the Gnu Zip compression software for reducing its size. The procedure helps to save more space on the hard drive or make narrower bandwidth demands for transferring such files online, for example, via e-mail, or for downloading and uploading them. So after using the gzip software on a TAR Archive we are presented with a file with the .tgz extension. (By the way, this suffix was originally created as a shortcut to the compound extension .TAR.GZ.). In the Windows operational system one of the most universal programs to extract initial files from compressed .tgz files is the WinZip software.

Steps for opening files with the .tgz extension in Windows.

Step one: saving the .tgz file to the desktop for easier location. If the file has been downloaded from the Internet it may be found in the “Downloads” folder which is usually in the “Documents” or “User” directory. It actually depends on your settings for downloaded files.

Step two: launching the WinZip application either from the Desktop shortcut or from the Start menu.

Step tree: opening the compressed file by clicking on “File” >”Open” and following to the location where the file is saved. If compressed files are associated with the WinZip software within your system and the .tgz extension has been mentioned in this association, it’s enough just to double-click on the file you want to extract. (If you use only one unzipping program on your system it’s a good idea to associate all compressed formats with this program).

Step four: selecting all the files and all the folders in the now opened content of the compressed file. Or you can select just the files or folders you want to open or extract by left-clicking on them while holding the CTRL key.

Step five: unzipping the selected files or folders and choosing whether to save them to some place on your computer or Cloud by clicking once on the “Unzip” in the WinZip toolbar under the tab “Unzip/Share”.

Step six: finding the unzipped (extracted) files in the folder you mentioned earlier. Now you can enjoy using them.

The WinZip software works on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. For Mac users there’s the WinZip Mac 6 software which can operate on the Mac OS x 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10 and is suitable for computers with an Intel 64-bit processor. It supports Apple Retina Displays.

Besides the .tgz compressed archive format the WinZip software is able to open and extract from a vast number of different compressed formats including such commonly used as the .RAR, . 7Z, . BZ2, TAR, Zip (of course) and many more.

There are more programs both for Windows and Mac that can handle the .tgz compressed archives. Among them you’ll find WinRar5, Corel WinZip 21, 7-Zip and some other software.

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