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If you’re an avid gamer, you know the true thrill in perfecting your skills at a particular game that you enjoy and being able to master it. These moments are usually reserved for more complex games, like those you’d purchase for your gaming systems, but occasionally, you’ll find that rare gem of a free game that gifts you with such an opportunity. A new game was just released that does just that. Tunnel Rush, despite stemming from a pretty basic original concept, offers a fun challenge that will keep you playing for hours trying to perfect your skills and improve your high score. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics of this game like how it’s played, where you can find it, and even why you should spend your precious free time playing it.

What’s it like playing the game?

The overall objective and controls of this game are fairly basic. You want to avoid hitting the large red obstacles by using the left and right arrow keys to move wherever they aren’t; sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong. While the controls and the concept are fairly easy to master, the actual game play is rather challenging. The obstacles are frequently difficult to see and the faster you go, the worse this problem gets. With practice, though, this game is easy to master and quite enjoyable. It’s a great option for a free game that’s easy to pick up and stop whenever and actually has room to build skills.

What sort of challenges does it offer?

The background of the track is busy patterns that alternate between combinations of black and white and psychedelic colors. This makes it difficult to see the obstacles and, thus, difficult to avoid them. In addition to that, as you progress on the track, it’ll speed it, making it harder to navigate quick enough to dodge the obstacles. The most challenging part about this game is that it’s game over once you hit an obstacle. However, that’s part of the fun. This game is fun and challenging; you’ll be addicted to trying to beat your last score and perfecting your dodging skills.

Is it worth your time?

Our free time is often limited and valuable, so you don’t want to waste the little bit of video game time you have in a day on one that’s lame and not challenging, but you don’t always have time to get invested in a real serious game that would offer those things. When you play the Tunnel Rush game, you get the opportunity to play a challenging game with room to build on your skills in a free game. This game is single player, so you don’t have to worry about other players messing up your high score, getting in your way, or just annoying you. This game is definitely worth your time. We think you’ll find it challenging and entertaining; you’ll find yourself hooked in no time, trying to beat your high score.

Where can you play it?

This game is available on a variety of gaming websites, but they’re not all reliable or trustworthy. You can play this game safely on Poki or other reputable sites like it with no problem. There’s even a demonstration video available so you can get used to the game before you get yourself in too deep. No matter where you play it, this game is easy to play, fun, and offers an addictive challenge that’ll keep you playing and trying to beat your top score.

Looking for a challenging and entertaining free game can seem pointless to many avid gamers. Most of the games are lame, and even if they are mildly entertaining, they end up not being challenged at all. Tunnel Rush offers a rare opportunity to play a skill building game that challenges you. This game is a free, single player game that’s easy to play, challenging, and gives you room to build your skills up to a higher level. This game is fun, challenging, and simple to figure out.

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