The Best Ways To Make Money From Gaming

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For the most part, if you get good at something in life, there’s a chance you can begin to make money from it. If you’re enjoy painting, the likelihood is you’d want to sell your art. If you grew up enjoying sport, the lucky few will take up a career in it. That can also apply to gaming.

There are numerous ways you can make money from gaming these days, from as little as a couple of dollars for a few minutes work, to hundreds of thousands from major events across the world.

And in some cases, it’s easier than it looks. We explore the five best ways to make some cash from your favourite hobby, gaming.

Become a Twitch Streamer

Having your own Twitch Channel can make you some serious money if you can build up a strong fan base. There are multiple ways of doing this, ranging from donations, to video ads and in some cases even selling merchandise.

The most common way is through Twitch Subscriptions, which is essentially a monthly fee to watch your feed. It takes some work to build enough fans to be legitimately able to make money from Twitch, but when you do the cash really does start rolling in.

Enter eSports Tournaments

If you’ve developed a strong talent for a particular game, there could be the chance to enter an eSports tournament and take on some of the best players in the world for cash rewards.

Tournaments are held all over the world for all types of games, with the likes of Dota 2 and FIFA offering significant sums to the winners. In the case of the former, prizes can be as high as the millions. Naturally, you need to be seriously good though.

Play Trivia Games

Earning money from trivia games however is a little easier, all you need is your brain. Trivia apps with cash prizes are becoming more and more common of late, with the likes of HQ and Cash Show being a real fad at the moment.

Tens of thousands join the shows, scheduled in for set times, each and every day with prize pots of around $5,000 up for grabs every show. They only take around 15 minutes and if you don’t win one day, there’s always the next to get your hands on a prize.

Use The Vast Online Casino Market

If you fancy riding your luck, then taking a free casino offer and trying to win a prize jackpot. Whether that be through card games or online slots, a small deposit can make a huge sum. The likes of Mega Moolah are among some of the most played online slots on the market and offer prizes of thousands with just one spin.

Some players take playing online casinos incredibly seriously and have made a profession out of it, so there is money to be made.

Sign Up To Swagbucks

If you want to start a little simpler, apps such as Swagbucks are useful for starting in the pennies and building up to the pounds. With this app you’ll be asked to test out games among other things and generally won’t take up too much of your time.

As well as games though, you may also need to watch videos, take surveys or search for products in order to build up your cash. So it’s only really worthwhile if you’re happy with a bit of variation.

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