Three PC Game DLC Expansions Worth Buying

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DLC packages are often a mixed bag, sometimes doing little to soothe our collective cravings for a sequel. Remember the “horse armour” DLC expansion for Skyrim? Or pretty much 90% of all DLC for The Sims games (Sims 4 not included)? Developers will often release DLCs as a way of placating hungry fans, and entire franchises can suffer as a result. However, we’ve also enjoyed some seriously top-notch DLCs over the years, some of which even tops the original game. Here are three of the best DLCs in recent memory.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

RDR is arguably the crown jewel of Rockstar’s increasingly formidable portfolio. The rootin’-tootin’ cowboy epic opened up an entire world of new possibilities, and raised the bar for sandbox gameplay for the rest of time. Undead Nightmare took everything we know and love about the Red Dead Redemption series and simply added a horde of undead zombies, complete with the four horsemen of the apocalypse. This DLC will go down in history as one of the best of all time simply because of how seamlessly such a wildly different horror concept is seamlessly integrated into the game, and for the hours of highly enjoyable content it adds to what is already a legendary game.\

GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

This might be a controversial choice, given that TBOGT was released in tandem with another Grand Theft Auto expansion pack, The Lost and the Damned, but Gay Tony is by far the superior gaming experience. It truly feels like a perfect bonus to an already solid game, which works perfectly well as a standalone title. Bonuses in gaming, especially on PC, are nothing new, with even online casinos now offering a competitive no deposit bonus for new players, but a truly great bonus package is all too rare. What makes The Ballad of Gay Tony so worthwhile is that it runs with the original GTA concept and just maximises the fun and silliness as if it’s parodying the original game. The DLC is full of exciting bonus content such as nightclubbing and gambling for your character, and so much OTT guns, glitter and glamor that it feels like a Scorcese movie. It’s sharply written and hilariously witty, adding plenty of humour to the franchise without compromising on the slick action and gripping storyline that makes GTA so great. Another smash hit from Rockstar, a company that proves it can keep fans more than happy with DLC.

Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den

Bioshock 2 was one of the most iconic game releases of the 21st century, one that has spawned entire countercultures and catchphrases. The sequel, Bioshock Infinite, was set back by long delays, so the team released Minerva’s Den to keep the masses satiated, and they did not disappoint. The decision to allow players to play as a Big Daddy and experience a completely flipped perspective of the original story was a stroke of genius, and one entirely in keeping with the complex moral questions that the Bioshock series tries to raise.
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