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When is the last time you had a really great game addiction? One that you could sit for hours and play endlessly, striving for the best high score? Crossy Road could be your next must-play. This game begins with a curious little chicken and her eagerness to cross the road and see what’s on the other side. But instead of just one road, there are hundreds of roads, all intermingled with train tracks and log-filled, raging rivers. So, ask yourself—just how easy is it to get that chicken safely across the road?

Crossy Road isn’t a new game, but it’s still a super-fun, addictive one. This game was originally published in 2014 as a mobile app—thanks to Hipster Whale, a game design firm of creative thinkers.

The Appeal of Crossy Road to All Gamers

There are dozens of benefits to playing Crossy Road, but the best one is it’s simple enough for all ages of gamers to master. The game itself is fun and super-addictive, with loads of challenges that provide the right number of setbacks and frustrations for determined gamers. The obstacles only enhance the gameplay.

Another appeal is Crossy Road utilizes all of your senses. You can see the traffic’s approach towards your chicken, but you can also hear and anticipate it. Keep your sound turned on! When a car, truck, or train approaches, those vehicles let out a familiar honk or hoot to let your chicken know that danger is afoot. However, some challenges, like the hungry bald eagle, are unavoidable, but still let out some kind of gloom-and-doom sound to signal your chicken’s untimely end.

What Makes This Game an Instant Arcade Classic?

Have you ever walked into a retro arcade with your back pocket full of quarters and your heart full of anticipation and determination? You should. It’s a totally cool feeling. The old-fashioned arcade games were classics because of their charms and endless styles. Their objectives were simple—get the highest score and gloat about it. Which is exactly the kind of objective you can expect from Crossy Road.

In a vintage arcade, Crossy Road would be a huge sensation, with people piling up their quarters in hopes of taking their turns. But you can play via the interwebs. This game is an instant arcade classic for it’s endless gameplay and clear-cut mission—get the chicken safely across the roads to earn a high score.

Controls, Coins, and Unlockable Characters Galore

The only thing simple about the Crossy Road web game on Poki is the controls. Your keyboard is your control base and your arrow keys provide the basic movements. You can figure it out, but the run-down is: UP is forward, DOWN is backwards, and left and right are side to side. You will also be prompted to press the SPACEBAR to restart the game after your chicken meets a surprising demise.

To gain a high score, all you have to do is survive and keep your chicken moving forward. There are coins everywhere—on the roads, on the train tracks, on the logs—everywhere. So, make it a point to calculate your moves to reach those coins. When you collect 100 coins, or more, you get a turn on the prize machine to unlock a new character.

The unlocked characters are interchangeable with your chicken, so you can press the chicken icon at the bottom-left of your screen to bring up character options. Each new character comes with their own skills and paces. Your objective with these characters is the same: survive, but with their unique set of abilities and speeds. These characters can significantly enhance, and even challenge, your gameplay, especially once you’ve gotten used to the consistent, steady hop of a chicken.

Side note: If you ever get bored of playing this game alone, introduce your friends. You can play separately, but compete when it comes to whose score is the highest.

What Separates the Fun of This Game from Other Web Games?

This game is fun because it relieves your stress and relaxes your mind but keeps your hands busy and your senses keen. It’s a skill-build game with an educational element that most overlook in their haste to write it off as too simple. But Crossy Road is anything but simple. Sure, you guide a chicken across a road, but the fun comes in keeping your character alive, collecting hundreds of coins, and proving yourself as one of the best game players on the web.

Where other web games may have a clear-cut objective, you can make your own in Crossy Road. If you care about a high score, that’s your objective; to be the best. If you are more concerned with characters, then there’s your objective; to unlock them all and master their abilities, speeds, and skills. The fun of this game comes from being able to make it 100-percent your own.

Head to Poki for Exclusive Web Gameplay of Crossy Road!

The Crossy Road web game on Poki is an exclusive, brought to you by the gaming giants that have made a categorical plethora of games available to you. Poki is super-safe, secure, and lots of fun, so you can play Crossy Road on their platform for as long as you want to. However, you’re not just stuck with this one game. Poki offers hundreds of games, each different in terms of gameplay, category, and objective. Some you’ve heard of, some you’ll wish you knew about years ago, but all are heaps of addictive fun.

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