Life Zero’s Music Puzzler Sonar Beat Launches on PC, Mac, iOS and Android

For music fans and arcade addicts, indie studio Life Zero is launching their cross-platform online musical rhythm arcade puzzler Sonar Beat today.

In Sonar Beat, your most valuable ally is rhythm. Your super secret nuclear submarine is under attack and only the most intense musical defense can save it! The notes follow a spiral structure, so the ones you miss will remain and will move forward towards your center. If they reach it, you’re dead.

“Gameplay randomness ensures that enemies won’t always appear on the same point every time you play”, claims Miguel Vallés Susín, CEO and Creative Director at Life Zero. “You can also compete in online leaderboards for the highest rank and challenge your friends by sharing your score in social media”.

In Sonar Beat, you play through a radar interface using your sensor cone to detect enemies approaching the center. You must destroy each enemy at the precise moment that your sensor gets in contact with it. If you fail, the enemy will come closer by and you will ultimately lose.

Sonar Beat is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android for just $2.49.

James Parkin

James has been holding a controller for most of his life and loves nothing more than a good gaming night with his wife, daughter, three dogs, and a good beer.

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