New Story Trailer for Deck-Building RPG, Deck of Ashes

Mar 4, 2019 by

Today, developer AYGames is unveiling more of the story behind the ruined world of their upcoming deck-building RPG Deck of Ashes with a new story video.

In this new video, learn the history of the Ash Curse, a plague that was brought about by the greed of an evil group known as The Outcasts during their quest for power. The Outcasts accidentally shattered Lady Death’s Ash Box, unleashing its horrific power upon the world, and transforming the Outcasts themselves into something “other” and corrupt. Now, the wise Ash Master has come, to offer the Outcasts a chance at redemption as they cross the land, battling evil and revoking the curse. In Deck of Ashes, you will play as an Outcast character, building Battle Decks of powerful cards as you defeat all who stand against you and your journey to redemption.

Deck of Ashes arrives on Steam Early Access on April 11.

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