Tactical Guild Management, Guilds of Delenar, Coming to Steam Early Access in March

Jan 23, 2019 by

Batholith Games, the creator of the ancient city-building strategy game Empire Architect, is introducing its newest game titled Guilds of Delenar.

Guilds of Delenar is a guild management game with RPG elements and a tactical combat system that will enter Steam Early Access in March 2019.

As a top-down strategy game, Guilds of Delenar brings a new perspective for the genre by allowing players to create and take control of various guild heroes and customize or level up however they want. Players can fight for control of towns by managing their heroes, their gear, exploring a plethora of quests, and commanding them in battle as well as dungeons.

“With Guilds of Delenar, we’re bringing immersive and ubiquitous amounts of depth to gameplay for a fully-fledged, well-rounded management experience, ” said Chris McAulay. “We’re giving players the full-reign and satisfaction of starting their own guild from the bottom-up.”

Guilds of Delenar will release on Steam Early Access in March.

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