A New Year For Online Casinos: What Can We Look Forward To In 2019?

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When online casinos started launching in the mid to late 90’s security and performance issues made it a less than pleasant experience for many players. While some online gamblers have been loyal followers of the online casino world from the very beginning, it’s taken a while to build and keep a trusting fan base.

Most of today’s casinos have taken a big leap from their humble beginnings and with a new year underway, there are even more things to look forward to in the world of online casinos. Here are some trends we’re likely to see more of in 2019, and they are all related to enhancing the player experience.

Improved Security

When you play at an online casino, security is an absolute must. Even though more online casinos are improving their security to protect player information, you should only ever play at a top-rated and trusted casino.

While the ultimate goal is to make it easy for players to log in to an online casino, security measures, such as fingerprinting, may be more common as the year goes on.

Regardless of how advanced online casinos become, security and privacy should remain a top priority. Before you play at a new mobile casino, check out Online Casino Bluebook for a comprehensive look at online casinos and how each one rates regarding security and other important factors.

Virtual Reality & Live Dealers

While the hype around virtual reality (VR) seems to ebb and flow, we’re more likely to see VR used in online casinos. Not only can this enhance the player experience overall, but it can draw in a lot of new players who otherwise may not be interested in gambling online.

VR has the potential to make poker games and other popular casino games more enjoyable when players can “see” one another.

Although with VR, you may see more online casinos offering a “live dealer” on popular games like blackjack. Not only does incorporating live dealers enhance the player experience, but it may help convert diehard brick and mortar casino fans to give online gambling a try.

Increased Acceptance of Cryptocurrency

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency like Litecoin becoming increasingly popular and widely accepted, it’s a wise move that many online casinos are accepting cryptocurrency.

Not only is cryptocurrency more secure for players, but it can actually benefit and protect online casinos as well. Accepting Bitcoin and other digital currency may also introduce a new group of online casino players who may not otherwise play due to the lack of anonymity and security threats.

More Mobile-Friendly Sites

Even though many people still play at online casinos from their PC or laptop, more players are playing their favorite games while on the go. In order to keep up from the growing demand of truly mobile players, more online casino sites are ensuring a seamless experience across various platforms.

Not only is this great news for people who like to play on their computers and mobile devices, but it can help an online casino maintain a following.

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