GIZORAMA Content Team

James Parkin – Public Relations – Since: 2011

James has been gaming since he could walk and enjoys anything related to Grand Theft Auto, Battlefield, or hot wings.

Johnny Ohm – Editor – Since: 2014

When his nose isn’t diligently to the grindstone, Johnny can be found skulking around the dark corners of San Francisco’s many pubs. You can contact Johnny via Twitter or ouija board.

Tyler Nope – Editor – Since: 2014

Tyler lives in the Portland, OR area with his wife and cat. He loves pizza, comic books, and video games.

Alex Atkin – Since: 2017

Alex has come a long way from the days of playing Tomb Raider 2 in a shed as a child. Now playing games in a much fancier shed that he calls a “house”.

Ashton Macaulay – Since: 2015

Ashton lives in the concrete jungle of Northgate Seattle, enjoys gaming in all forms, and is a sucker for a good looking pug.

CJ Schummer – Since: 2017

CJ currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. His friends like to give him trouble for being a trophy hunter, but that won’t stop him from trying to get that shiny new platinum! You can find him anxiously waiting for Naughty Dog to finally make another Jak and Daxter game, not matter how unlikely it may be.

Gabriella Petty – Since: 2017

Gabriella is a journalism student from Bath, England. When she isn’t talking about video games, you’ll find her stalking Neil Druckmann’s Twitter page for news on The Last of Us: Part II.

Jack Acomb – Since: 2017

Jack is a student hailing from just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He’s happiest when aimlessly exploring, loitering in Bruegger’s Bagels, or making obscure references.

Joshua Morris – Since: 2017

Josh is from a sleepy town in England, where he would spend free school periods with friends eating pizza and hosting Smash Bros tournaments. If Timesplitters 4 ever comes out, expect to find Josh comatose from shock and happiness.

Jonathon Garrard – Since: 2016

Jonathon lives just south of Indianapolis, Indiana, and he’s beaten a video game or two in his time. He also writes books.

Liam Lambert – Since: 2013

Liam lives in Lincoln, UK (the land that time forgot) and as such has to spend most of his waking moments playing videogames or else slum it with the family accountancy business. He enjoys comic books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nathan Fillion.