Len Cannon


Penny Arcade Returns To Gaming, Goes Retro

Anyone who had been looking forward to the third installment of the trendsetting webcomic Penny-Arcade’s episodic RPG title, On The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, had probably long since given up hope.  Those who remained steadfast and true, however, shall not go unrewarded. At long last, Penny Arcade’s third iteration …

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Fez Hitting XBLA On Friday the 13th

The oft-delayed Fez will finally be coming out after years of what seemed to be endless development. Anyone who has paid attention to indie gaming has probably had Fez on their radar for some time now. An early version of the game won an art award at the Independent Games Festival all …

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Adventure Time Coming To The DS, Will Be Totally Math

Cartoon Network’s quirky cult hit Adventure Time will be making the leap from the small screen to TWO even smaller screens. Pendelton Ward, the creator of the popular cartoon, announced on his twitter this week that he’s working with WayForward Technology to bring Finn and Jake to Nintendo’s handheld. Ward, who …

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Baldur’s Gate Extended Edition Coming From Beamdog

After an extended tease concluded with a 24 hour countdown, the truth behind the mysterious revival of the Baldur’s Gate franchise has been released.  A rerelease of the original saga as well as the sequels is set for Summer 2012.  The new release will be headed by Beamdog, who most …

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