Len Cannon


Ed Boon Fuels Flames For Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter

Street Fighter X Tekken hasn’t even been released yet and there’s already talk about the next big fighting game crossover series.  Appealing to the ten-year old in all of us, Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon dropped hints recently that there might be a clash between two of the most important fighting …

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Harmonix Rickrolls Rock Band Users For Valentine's Day

Although the series is starting to get a bit long in the tooth, it look like Rock Band is never gonna give you (or DLC) up.  Following up on last year’s unusually successful duet’s DLC package, Rock Band 3 owners will be able to download “Gold Star My Heart” on Tuesday, February …

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Radiant Historia Getting A Reprint

RPG fans have something to cheer about this spring: Atlus’s sleeper DS hit Radiant Historia is due for a reprint this March.  This is great news for those who missed this spectacular time-bending RPG from the publishers of Persona and a huge disappointment for used gaming speculators who were making a killing …

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Happy Valentine's Day From Suda 51 and Lollipop Chainsaw

Mad genius Suda 51 and the rest of Grasshopper understand that the middle of February is a time for love. To help all of us celabrate Valentine’s Day this year, Grasshopper and developer’s Warner Bros. Interactive have released a very special trailer for the upcoming horror themed zombie beat-em-up, Lollipop …

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Valve Versus Blizzard in DOTA Legal Showdown

A major battle between two of gaming’s biggest names has been quietly brewing behind the scenes over the past few weeks. After the surprise 2010 announcement that Half Life publishers Valve would be releasing a commercial sequel to the popular Warcraft 3 mod DOTA.  Developed independently by a conglomerate of volunteer …

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 Released

One of the most talked about freeware games in recent memory has released the long awaited upgrade to the popular title. Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0 invites you to return to a Mushroom Kingdom Mashup. Like the previous version, players take control of classic NES characters like Samus, Link, and Simon …

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