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Sean Zingiris

Sean lives in a lovely suburbia a little north of Fort Worth, Texas. He's addicted to games, Italian food, crazy concepts, and to an extent YouTube. His dreams to take over the world with Cool Ranch tacos are in the works however, he'll probably just stick to informing you about the latest news he can find.

Riot Games Gets HACKED

More specifically, President and Co-founder of Riot Games Marc Merrill has been hacked on Twitter. A man under the alias “King Jason” (leaguetrades) has posted images of what seems to be a League of Legends Trading Card Game that never saw the light of day. Keep in mind that this …

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New Vita Model, Memory Card, PS Vita TV, and Sorry Japan

Coming from the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan presentation, sort of an early start rolling towards the Tokyo Game Show later this month, they’re have been some interesting announcements. It looks like the PlayStation 4 doesn’t drop in Japan until February 22nd, 2014. To make up for that they’ll be getting …

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Mist of Stagnation Interview With David Gates

While I was in Austin at the Rooster Teeth Expo this year I also had the chance to meet with another David! That is David Gates, CEO and Project Manager, from Osiris Studios who have been developing their first to-be released game under this team. If you’re into Steampunk, Mechs, …

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Zynga Has A New CEO And You Just Might Care About It

Today, Zynga made an announcement that they have unanimously appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. Zynga, is a leading provider of social game services, and there’s a decent chance you might have tried playing something from them. Now you’re probably wondering why that’s a big deal. Well you might know …

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The Crew Announcement Trailer and More

One of the latest games to be revealed at E3 is known now as The Crew. Being developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections it is a persistent online open world where you can compete, race, challenge, and drive across the United States.  The game will present a feeling of semi-arcade style racing. …

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Diablo 3 Multiplayer Trailer

Blizzard recently released a trailer for Diablo 3 depicting the ability to play with your friends online with up to four players seamlessly just like its PC counterpart. You’ll be able to couch co-op with your family, and friends as the trailer states there will be local play. Unless nobody …

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Payday 2 Now Coming This August

Overkill, the Swedish studio behind the first Payday as well as the upcoming second one, has announced that Payday 2 will be available this August. Previously confirmed it will be coming digitally to the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam. If you’re more into getting a physical copy of your games then you’re …

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