The Wii U… What Happened?

I was bought a Wii U in December of 2012 by my family and given the console on Christmas Day, however, to my friends’ astonishment, no-one had bought me any games, neither had I bought any myself. I had money and I had the option, I just didn’t have the …

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Chipping Block: Xbox One and the Used Games Fiasco

Microsoft’s upcoming games console was unveiled nary a week ago, and already the company is suffering a whirlwind of negative press. Some have criticized the scary idea of having an always-on console listening and watching every move you make in your living room. Others lambasted the conference’s focus on the …

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Our Thoughts on the Xbox One

While Microsoft has only scratched the surface on the sheer amount of details surrounding the new Xbox One, a lot of staff members around GIZORAMA have already staked their opinions in the great console war of 2013. Brandon Koch After the hour-long hyped reveal one thing is plainly obvious, Microsoft …

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