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Persona 5 Trailer Released

The time has finally come. After two days of Persona related announcements, Atlus has finally released a full trailer for Persona 5, giving more of an idea on what the plot is -- and who the main character is, along with the beginning of your team.

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Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord Review

"Though Tears to Tiara: Heir of the Overlord's few drawbacks may dissuade someone from picking this title up, the captivating plot, phenomenal world building, and challenging battles are more than enough reason to give this game a shot." Read more in our full review under the cut.

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Daylight Review

Daylight is a game with a singular purpose of scaring the bejesus out of players with procedurally generated level design, creepy atmosphere, and more jump scares than a Doom 3 monster closet. Does it success in scaring us or should you just avoid playing? Read our review and find out!

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