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Daylight Review

Daylight is a game with a singular purpose of scaring the bejesus out of players with procedurally generated level design, creepy atmosphere, and more jump scares than a Doom 3 monster closet. Does it success in scaring us or should you just avoid playing? Read our review and find out!

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Dead Space 3 “Awakened” DLC: Scary but Short

Most players have been able to complete Dead Space 3 in roughly 12-14 hours and have been anticipating the release of the “Awakened” downloadable content. Not only to continue the storyline, but to also add the level of suspense we were all missing from the game itself. Throughout the DLC, Isaac and …

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Get Early Access to the Dead Space 3 Demo

Interested in playing the Dead Space 3 demo before it drops onto Xbox LIVE January 22nd? Well then great news! The Dead Space team on Facebook recently released a Facebook offer: Get early access to the EXCLUSIVE Dead Space 3 Demo on Xbox 360! CLAIM A CODE NOW! That’s right, …

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