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A Wretched Hive: Where Are All The Good Star Wars Games?

Star Wars is one of this planet's most beloved franchises of all time, and has produced some remarkable works of interactive art (that's videogames folks). But in recent years, we've been subjected to some positively dire Star Wars games, and it's about time it stopped. We ask the question: Where are all the good Star Wars games?

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Comedy Quest Review

"Comedy Quest is a real surprise of a winner as the title steeps itself in retro point-and-click adventure goodness, and succeeds at every level of it." Read the full review to find out why we were so impressed.

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Disney Shuts the Doors to LucasArts

Today will be a sad, sad day for gamers around the world as reports are trickling in of Disney officially closing the doors to LucasArts. According to Kotaku, it all started last September: Last September, when executives at LucasFilm—the parent company of LucasArts—found out that Disney had signed an agreement to purchase …

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