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Kirby Now For The Future: Kirby Planet Robobot Review

Kirby Planet Robobot banner image

Kirby Planet Robobot might not add any genre-breaking changes to the tried and true Kirby formula, but the addition of mechs and all-new powers add a fun new wrinkle to the combat and puzzle-solving, and the robot theme is woven into the game in organic and inspired ways. You'll probably have just as much fun playing it as the developers clearly had making it, but don't come looking for a stiff challenge or a total reinvention of the platforming genre.

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Extra Life Raises Over 4 Million Dollars

Gaming fundraising group Extra Life has announced via their Facebook page that they have raised 4 Million Dollars. Despite a string of DDoS attacks that hindered the efforts of Extra Life and gamers all over the world during both the initial fundraising day on November 2nd, as well as a …

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Extra Life Announces Make-up Day

Gaming fundraiser group Extra Life has announced that they will be holding a make-up day this Saturday, November 9th. “But why? Didn’t they make 3 million dollars?!” They did. As a matter of fact, they’ve made about 3.8 million dollars. However, their efforts were also hindered by four DDoS attacks …

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts has always been a controversial series. The groundbreaking crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy that put the franchise on the map has always been something that left gamers on the fence. Either you love the Kingdom Hearts games, or you hate them. It seems there is no middle ground. So naturally, a new, portable Kingdom Hearts game had fans wondering if the game would be awesome, or if it was just meant to tide over until whenever Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. So was Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance a fitting entry to the series during its tenth anniversary year? Or did Square Enix drop the ball?

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