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Dungeonland Review

A warrior, a mage, and a rogue enter a theme park... Dungeonland is the punchline and a game that will likely be one of those games that you either lover or hate with little middle ground. Developed by the Brazilian startup, Critical Studio, Dungeonland pits 3 classic fantasy archetypes in a hack-and-slash style RPG against a demented dungeon master who has laid out his levels in theme park themed locations. Despite its colorful graphics, Dungeonland comes with a reputation of hardcore difficulty that is just as likely to leave you frustrated as much as entertained.

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GIZORAMA Giveaway: Defenders of Ardania

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Paradox Interactive, we have an Xbox LIVE Arcade redemption code for Defenders of Ardania to give away to one of our loyal readers! If you’re unsure of the game, check our review here. This time around we’re going to continue the giveaway with …

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Defenders of Ardania

[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”” developers=”Most Wanted Entertainment” publishers=”Deep Silver/Paradox Interactive” platforms=”” genres=”Strategy & Simulation” release_date=”March 14, 2012″] Defenders of Ardania is set in the world of the computer strategy series Majesty. Majesty, developed in 2001 by Cyberlore and published by Micropose, created a unique RTS game set in the fantasy …

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