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PS4 Won’t Support DualShock 3

In a recent roundtable discussion, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, mentioned that the PS4 will not be compatible with the PS3’s primary controller- the DualShock 3. Seeing as how the system won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 titles, the move does make a bit of sense. However, Yoshida then …

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Diablo III Coming to PS3, PS4

At Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal event last night, Blizzard announced that it’s bringing Diablo III to PS3 and PS4 “soon”. This announcement comes after years of rumor and speculation about console versions of Diablo III, which has been hinted at in job postings. This marks Blizzard’s first console title in …

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Sony Unveils PlayStation 4

At a special event in New York City on Wednesday, Sony pulled back the curtain on its next-generation game console, PlayStation 4. Rumors leading up to the event pegged several key features of the system, including the new DualShock 4 controller, featuring a touch-sensitive pad, Share button, and built-in PlayStation …

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