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Sometimes it can get so dark that it appears you are in the void and nothing else exists. In Closure, that is actually the case. If light touches it, it exists. If it is shrouded in darkness, all is void. Closure actually started out as a Flash game before being revamped and moving to the Playstation 3 on PSN. Developed by the three-man indie studio Eyebrow Interactive, Closure is a platforming puzzle game with black and white styling similar to Limbo (though it is safer to say Limbo is similar to Closure since the Flash game predates Limbo). Having enjoyed success on two platforms, Closure is coming back to PC in proper form as a port of the PS3 version.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

When talking about pivotal PC games, games that helped solidify the PC as the premier first-person shooter platform, Counter-Strike is usually among the first games discussed. Counter-Strike has been around for over twelve years and have been modified and upgraded many times since, but over the years has remained relatively unchanged in regards to gameplay. The same is true of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Despite its somewhat antiquated features, this version of Counter Strike is just as fun as those previous.

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Jet Set Radio Gets Dated & Priced

The day is finally here – the final final date announcement of Jet Set Radio! We have initiated this pirate broadcast to announce the release dates and pricing for Jet Set Radio! Xbox LIVE Arcade and PC gamers (via Steam) will be able to purchase Jet Set Radio on September …

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